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If you have ever been here, you have felt it: the unique, urban campus we call home, where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. Every story on this page is a personal reflection on our history. You can sort and read stories by category, or browse them below. And dont forget to share your own story. We know it’s a good one.

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Jennifer Gleissner's IUPUI story

When I was finishing up my Biology BS degree here at IUPUI back in 2001, I had the opportunity to work as a mentor. I was hired by Mark Minglin of the Bepko Learning Center and was... Read more of Jennifer Gleissner's IUPUI story

Jennifer Gleissner, Bepko Learning Center Staff

Liz Freedman's IUPUI story

There are so many stories from my experiences both as a graduate student and staff member at IUPUI that I could share. Numerous people, especially students, have influenced me for the... Read more of Liz Freedman's IUPUI story

Liz Freedman, Bepko Learning Center Staff

Linda Durr's IUPUI story

I feel so fortunate and very lucky that I can share my love for Indiana University with my family. Many members of my family, including me, attended and worked at IU Bloomington. My... Read more of Linda Durr's IUPUI story

Linda Durr, Office of Planning and Institutional Improvement Staff

Craig McDaniel's IUPUI story

A Herron memory: In spring of 1999, Jean Robertson — my wife and a member of... Read more of Craig McDaniel's IUPUI story

Craig McDaniel, Herron School of Art and Design Faculty

Matt Crenshaw's IUPUI story

IUPUI has changed a lot since I was a student. In 2002, it was truly a pure commuter school, and the only people with IUPUI gear were the athletes. Now, there are IUPUI logos and... Read more of Matt Crenshaw's IUPUI story

Matt Crenshaw, Men's Basketball Associate Head Coach, Class of 2004

Amy Vaughan's IUPUI story

I have seen IUPUI change significantly since I received a Master of Arts in Philanthropic Studies in 2002. In particular, when I was a student here, there was no Campus Center, and as... Read more of Amy Vaughan's IUPUI story

Amy Vaughan, Department of Tourism, Convention, and Event Management Faculty, Class of 2002

Nathan Byrer's IUPUI story

IUPUI has always been a place where students can find connections to others. I found mine in 1992. I was a year out of high school, starting my first year at IUPUI. I was a first... Read more of Nathan Byrer's IUPUI story

Nathan Byrer, Division of Undergraduate Education Staff, Class of 1996

Sylvia White-Hooks's IUPUI story

My journey here at IUPUI began in 1992 under the leadership of Vice Chancellor J. Herman Blake. Dr. Blake hired me with a vision of forming a choir for faculty and staff. The choir... Read more of Sylvia White-Hooks's IUPUI story

Sylvia White-Hooks, Division of Undergraduate Education Staff

Cheri Bauder's IUPUI story

I needed to find a way to take more college courses. I was the first person in my family to EVER attempt to attend and complete college. It was 1987, and I was 22 years old. I had heard... Read more of Cheri Bauder's IUPUI story

Cheri Bauder, McKinney School of Law Staff, Class of 1993

Andre Zhang Sonera's IUPUI story

My IUPUI story began during the 83rd National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Convention in October 2010. I stumbled across this giant electro plasma in the middle of the Convention Expo... Read more of Andre Zhang Sonera's IUPUI story

Andre Zhang Sonera, Current Student

Efrain Alvarado's IUPUI story

My success at IUPUI would not have happened without the guidance of Dr. Khalilah Shabazz. I came to the Summer Bridge program and was fortunate enough to be in Dr. Shabazz's... Read more of Efrain Alvarado's IUPUI story

Efrain Alvarado, Class of 2018

Helen Davis's IUPUI story

I started at Purdue University’s Indianapolis Campus on 38th Street, near the Indiana State... Read more of Helen Davis's IUPUI story

Helen Davis, Division of Undergraduate Education Retired Staff

Jocely Gonzalez's IUPUI story

I turned 50 as well this year!!! I came to IUPUI directly from Panama City, Panama, South America, as an international student. I graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in... Read more of Jocely Gonzalez's IUPUI story

Jocely Gonzalez, Class of 1990

Tabitha Hardy's IUPUI story

IUPUI has played such a significant part of my story. I first came to campus in the summer of 2004 as a student with the "Bridges to the Doctorate" program. Being a Southern... Read more of Tabitha Hardy's IUPUI story

Tabitha Hardy, IUPUI Graduate Office Assistant Dean, Department of Biology Faculty, Class of 2010

Debra Barker's IUPUI story

My earliest memory of IUPUI is the mid-1960s, waiting in the car for my dad to finish class at the 38th Street campus. He was always smiling when he reached the car — he... Read more of Debra Barker's IUPUI story

Debra Barker, IUPUI Graduate Office Staff, Class of 2000 and 2010

Hannah Sparks's IUPUI story

IUPUI has made me feel like I am a part of a community and not just here for an education. I feel like my opinion matters and that I can make a difference in my community every day.

Hannah Sparks, Class of 2021

Lauren Rouse's IUPUI story

IUPUI took a very scared outsider and made her a leader, a mentor, a teacher, and a wanderer. Read more of Lauren Rouse's IUPUI story

Lauren Rouse, Class of 2017

Jonell Allen's IUPUI story

It seems like a thousand years ago when I migrated up from IU Bloomington to Indy to complete my Bachelor of Science in nursing. The Indianapolis campus then was so different from IU... Read more of Jonell Allen's IUPUI story

Jonell Allen, School of Nursing, Class of 1991, MSN, Class of 2014, DNP

Jordan Keeney's IUPUI story

IUPUI has been a great transition for me. I have been to multiple schools, including Ball State and Ivy Tech, neither of which provided the direction and the path that IUPUI has... Read more of Jordan Keeney's IUPUI story

Jordan Keeney, Class of 2019

Suman Somaiah's IUPUI story

My story at IUPUI has been an amazing journey. I came to a new country from India, and IUPUI provided me the perfect platform to learn and indulge in a new culture.

Suman Somaiah, Class of 2018

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