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If you have ever been here, you have felt it: the unique, urban campus we call home, where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. Every story on this page is a personal reflection on our history. You can sort and read stories by category, or browse them below. And dont forget to share your own story. We know it’s a good one.

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Bill Abston's IUPUI story

When I started as a student in 1977, the main buildings on campus were Cavanaugh Hall, Lecture Hall and what is now Taylor Hall. Taylor Hall was the library. It also served as a... Read more of Bill Abston's IUPUI story

Bill Abston, Police Department Staff, Alumnus

Kinga Horvath's IUPUI story

Fifty years ago, IUPUI opened its doors for the very first time for students who wanted to achieve new milestones and better serve their communities. Fifty years later, Fulbright... Read more of Kinga Horvath's IUPUI story

Kinga Horvath, Class of 2018

Denise O'Grady's IUPUI story

My favorite memory from my 15 years at IUPUI is still the men’s basketball championship game at the 2003 Mid-Con conference tournament when Matt Crenshaw made “the shot”... Read more of Denise O'Grady's IUPUI story

Denise O'Grady, Athletics Department Staff

Ed Holdaway's IUPUI story

Ed Holdaway with some colleagues on the court after a basketball game

I’ve now reached the point where I’ve been associated with IUPUI for more than half my life. I was recruited here to be a member of the baseball team and proceeded to earn... Read more of Ed Holdaway's IUPUI story

Ed Holdaway, Athletics Department Staff, Class of 2001

Sally Krause's IUPUI story

While I currently call the School of Nursing my IUPUI home, the School of Medicine Development Office under the direction of Dr. David Smith was my doorway into the IUPUI campus. In... Read more of Sally Krause's IUPUI story

Sally Krause, School of Nursing Staff, Class of 2003

Eunice Santiago's IUPUI story

College for me was really scary because I am a returning adult. I had a pretty good job that I liked, good pay, and a life already made. My dream to become a dentist pushed me to return... Read more of Eunice Santiago's IUPUI story

Eunice Santiago, Class of 2022

Alicia Morris's IUPUI story

Starting my freshman year at IUPUI, I have noticed a tremendous change in myself. College is definitely nothing like high school and the week tends to go by much faster. Going to a... Read more of Alicia Morris's IUPUI story

Alicia Morris, Class of 2022

Jermy Sanchez's IUPUI story

IUPUI is my school, which I love. I love it because it has changed me for the better, in my opinion. It has helped me become more outgoing. In high school, I didn't talk to... Read more of Jermy Sanchez's IUPUI story

Jermy Sanchez, Class of 2022

Jace Hayes's IUPUI story

My transition from high school to college was a very strange and stressful experience. In high school, I already knew people. But for college, all of my close friends went to different... Read more of Jace Hayes's IUPUI story

Jace Hayes, Class of 2022

Mary Bradley's IUPUI story

I've only been at college for about two months, but I have had many experiences that will probably end up as stories I will tell my kids when they head off to college. IUPUI has... Read more of Mary Bradley's IUPUI story

Mary Bradley, Class of 2022

Va Na's IUPUI story

Middle school to high school was pretty rough, but I never thought of how hard it would be from high school to college. First, I thought it would be really scary after I graduated. Read more of Va Na's IUPUI story

Va Na, Class of 2022

Anne Borden's IUPUI story

In 2013, I finally came back. There were many credits from 2007, but at the time I was unsure about what I was doing in college. Lawyer? Teacher? Math? Undecided? I took some time... Read more of Anne Borden's IUPUI story

Anne Borden, Class of 2015 and 2019

Desiree Martinez's IUPUI story

Desiree Martinez and Jazzy the Jaguar

IUPUI offers great programs that help students become more social and gain confidence being on... Read more of Desiree Martinez's IUPUI story

Desiree Martinez, Class of 2022

Norman Brown's IUPUI story

I began my employment as an admission counselor about 1973-74 when our office was located on East 38th Street, south of the Indiana State Fairgrounds. During those early years we shared... Read more of Norman Brown's IUPUI story

Norman Brown, Office of Undergraduate Admissions Retired Staff

Sean Winningham's IUPUI story

I first started at IUPUI as an academic advisor at University College in August of 2013. At that time, my wife and I were trying to adopt because of failed attempts to get pregnant. Being... Read more of Sean Winningham's IUPUI story

Sean Winningham, UITS Staff

Michele Lucas's IUPUI story

I began my history with IUPUI as a recent high school graduate. I decided to give Criminal Justice a try. After attending for one semester, I decided to move to Florida. In the... Read more of Michele Lucas's IUPUI story

Michele Lucas, Class of 2019

Kaitlyn Bancroft's IUPUI story

Kaitlyn Bancroft with her father

When I first started at IUPUI, I was terrified. I had just lost my Dad, someone who was an incredible role model and one of my favorite people in the world. When I first got here, I... Read more of Kaitlyn Bancroft's IUPUI story

Kaitlyn Bancroft, Class of 2021

Keexia Osborne's IUPUI story

Keexia Osborne with her classmates

Being a part of IUPUI has completely changed me as a student and a person. IUPUI offers more... Read more of Keexia Osborne's IUPUI story

Keexia Osborne, Class of 2020

Hannah Rumsey's IUPUI story

This is my first year at IUPUI. ... I was expecting it to be different than it is, maybe less welcoming since it is quite a bit larger than where I came from. However, I have experienced so much acceptance and actually made friends here.

Hannah Rumsey, Class of 2019

Gillian Bundles's IUPUI story

Without IUPUI, I do not know where I would be today. I moved to campus in May of 2015, a month before I was set to  graduate from Broad Ripple Magnet High School. The summer... Read more of Gillian Bundles's IUPUI story

Gillian Bundles, Class of 2020

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