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If you have ever been here, you have felt it: the unique, urban campus we call home, where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. Every story on this page is a personal reflection on our history. You can sort and read stories by category, or browse them below. And dont forget to share your own story. We know it’s a good one.

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Katrina Swope's IUPUI story

My favorite memory from my time at IUPUI is winning the Women's Soccer Conference Championship and advancing to the NCAA tournament for the first time in program history. As a team... Read more of Katrina Swope's IUPUI story

Katrina Swope, Class of 2010

Rebekah Roll's IUPUI story

I don’t think there’s one moment or person from IUPUI that I could point to when asked how it’s changed me or made me a better person. Instead, it is the entire community... Read more of Rebekah Roll's IUPUI story

Rebekah Roll, Class of 2016

Stacy Pease's IUPUI story

Stacy Pease 's story photo

Alumni & Former Staff - A Life Forever Changed. Growing up in Carmel and an avid athlete, I... Read more of Stacy Pease's IUPUI story

Stacy Pease, Class of 2006

Dana Scruggs's IUPUI story

IUPUI has been one of my favorite destinations in town for 25 years! In 1993, I discovered that I could take classes at IUPUI as a graduate continuing non-degree student. I signed up... Read more of Dana Scruggs's IUPUI story

Dana Scruggs, Continuing education student 1993-2008

Joel Epstein's IUPUI story

I had the honor of being the 1968-69 Student Body President and the privilege of being the IU-Indianapolis student representative on the IU-PU merger committee. I remember the... Read more of Joel Epstein's IUPUI story

Joel Epstein, Class of 1971

Sarah Bahr's IUPUI story

Sarah Bahr 's story photo

On the fourth floor of the IUPUI Riverwalk Apartments, on a red couch bathed in early evening... Read more of Sarah Bahr's IUPUI story

Sarah Bahr, Class of 2018 and 2020

Calvin Kosso's IUPUI story

I remember the first time I heard of IUPUI; it was on an SAT poster at my high school back in Ghana. I remember Googling it and seeing these amazing pictures of it, never thinking at that time that I would end up here one day. Coming to IUPUI was a dream come true.

Calvin Kosso, Class of 2021

Marissa Smith's IUPUI story

I still have two semesters to go, but I’ve already started to feel the emotions that come along with facing graduation. At this point, I barely remember what it felt like to graduate... Read more of Marissa Smith's IUPUI story

Marissa Smith, Class of 2019

Karen Chheng's IUPUI story

My mother attended IUPUI. My husband attended. I attended. Three of my children are alumni or are present students at IUPUI. It is safe to say that we have a tradition. IUPUI has been a wonderful option for high quality higher education and commuter options.

Karen Chheng, Class of BS 1988, MS 1989

Mohamed Amin's IUPUI story

My name is Mohamed Amin; I'm a junior studying Political Science and Islamic Studies. My time at IUPUI, up until now, pretty much consisted of remarkably long episodes and... Read more of Mohamed Amin's IUPUI story

Mohamed Amin, Class of 2020

Sharon Holland's IUPUI story

I started at IUPUI in August of 1971, working at the Dental School with Dr. William G. Shafer, chairman of the Department of Oral Pathology. Dr. Shafer was working on the... Read more of Sharon Holland's IUPUI story

Sharon Holland, Office of Alumni Relations Staff

Ali Emswiller's IUPUI story

Ali Emswiller 's story photo

Friends, fun, philanthropy. My favorite aspect of my time at IUPUI is my involvement with Jagathon: IUPUI’s Dance Marathon. In 2015, I attended Jagathon as a freshman who was... Read more of Ali Emswiller's IUPUI story

Ali Emswiller, Class of 2018

James Layne's IUPUI story

When I think back on my time at IUPUI, I'm met with memories that changed the course of my life and completely shaped who I am today. As a journalism major with a marketing and... Read more of James Layne's IUPUI story

James Layne, Class of 2014

Lacy Roberts's IUPUI story

When I first came into IUPUI, I thought that college was going to be my easy getaway. I soon found out that balancing school, work, and being involved was honestly pretty difficult. My... Read more of Lacy Roberts's IUPUI story

Lacy Roberts, Class of 2019

Trudy Bernath's IUPUI story

I started at IUPUI in the fall of 1980. I was there on a softball scholarship at the age of 33. My first two years, we practiced at Linert's Gym Camp on 64th Street. We played our... Read more of Trudy Bernath's IUPUI story

Trudy Bernath, Class of 1983

Ana Patino's IUPUI story

Ana Patino 's story photo

I enrolled at IUPUI in the fall of 2014, and two weeks into classes I found out I was expecting my son. So many times it crossed my mind to drop out and focus on my pregnancy, but I... Read more of Ana Patino's IUPUI story

Ana Patino, Class of 2018

Tera Wallace's IUPUI story

This upcoming school year, I will be a sophomore at IUPUI. I am a pre-nursing major in the Class of 2021. IUPUI has made me a more mature and responsible student and adult. I love the... Read more of Tera Wallace's IUPUI story

Tera Wallace, Class of 2021

Chris Stout's IUPUI story

Chris Stout 's story photo

Thanks to the amazing faculty — John Kramer, Ph.D., in particular (School of... Read more of Chris Stout's IUPUI story

Chris Stout, Class of 1979 and 1981

Jennifer Gleissner's IUPUI story

When I was finishing up my Biology BS degree here at IUPUI back in 2001, I had the opportunity to work as a mentor. I was hired by Mark Minglin of the Bepko Learning Center and was... Read more of Jennifer Gleissner's IUPUI story

Jennifer Gleissner, Bepko Learning Center Staff

Liz Freedman's IUPUI story

There are so many stories from my experiences both as a graduate student and staff member at IUPUI that I could share. Numerous people, especially students, have influenced me for the... Read more of Liz Freedman's IUPUI story

Liz Freedman, Bepko Learning Center Staff

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