Logan Bromm

Faces of IUPUI: Logan Bromm

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Logan Bromm chats with some residents at North Hall. Photo by Liz Kaye, IU Communications

School of Liberal Arts junior Logan Bromm can describe what IUPUI means to him in one word: opportunity. From the beginning, Bromm has been determined to take full advantage of this opportunity because he has never taken higher education for granted.

"I am a first-generation college student. People from my family, even my extended family, do not normally go to college. I constantly remind myself how blessed and lucky I am to have this incredible opportunity. That realization is why I have worked hard to get the most out of my IUPUI experience," said Bromm, a dual political science and history major from Jasper, Indiana.

Amy Jones Richardson, assistant director of recruitment, retention, and academic services in the School of Liberal Arts, has witnessed Bromm's fierce determination to thrive during his college years.

"I met Logan during his freshman orientation and discovered during the first week of fall semester that he was intent on making the most of every opportunity IUPUI could offer him. As a resident of Honors House, he came to our Liberal Arts Residence Based Learning Community welcome events and proactively introduced himself to fellow students, staff, and administrators. He asked for information on Student Council and Undergraduate Student Government, scholarships, our honors program, undergraduate research, and networking with alumni. That was the first week. In the two years since then, he has maintained his focus and his academic excellence," she said.

In addition to his outstanding academic achievements, the breadth and depth of his engagement on campus highlights Bromm's commitment to making a difference at IUPUI. As a freshman he served as vice president of the School of Liberal Arts Student Council and now is its president. He also serves as treasurer of the Honors College Student Council and treasurer of the IUPUI Mock Trial Team. As Associate Supreme Court Justice for Undergraduate Student Government, Bromm represents the student body on a variety of advisory committees in addition to helping mediate and settle disputes.

Logan Bromm with a group of IUPUI Campus Ambassadors and Jazzy the Jaguar mascot.
Logan Bromm sits on the bench during a mock trial.
Logan Bromm receives an award during the Liberal Arts Student Council Awards.

From top: Bromm (top row, far right) with fellow IUPUI Campus Ambassadors and Jazzy the Jaguar last summer; Bromm on the bench at a mock trial; Bromm receives an award from former Liberal Arts Student Council President Mariam Sylla. Photos courtesy of Logan Bromm

As if this weren't enough, Bromm is also a member of the inaugural Chancellor's Student Advisory Board, where he serves with other students as a consistent student voice for IUPUI Chancellor Nasser H. Paydar and campus leadership. In addition, Bromm is a Campus Ambassador with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and his role as a resident assistant in the Office of Housing and Residence Life draws on his natural ability to connect with his fellow students.

"I wanted to make sure that I got the full college experience, instead of just going to class and working all the time. Getting involved has been an excellent way for me to network and has allowed me to make both professional and personal friends," said Bromm.

"After I complete my undergrad, I hope to attend law school and discover what area of law I am most passionate about. From there, I simply want to make a meaningful impact for the companies that I work for and the communities that I live in and serve. My dream has always been to work in government and being a public servant is an excellent way for me to use my talents to give back to the communities that have made me who I am," he said.