Faces of IUPUI

Sohin Shah.

Sohin Shah

Graduate Student, School of Engineering and Technology

Sohin Shah was unsure about living in a new city, but the diverse community he found at IUPUI gave him a sense of home.

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Mariana Lopez-Owens

Mariana Lopez-Owens

Alumna, Class of 2014

"Attending IUPUI was life changing. Had it not been for all of the opportunities afforded to me ... I wouldn't have had the support I needed to achieve my dreams."

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Former Chancellor Glenn Irwin delivers the State of the Campus address in 1982.

Glenn W. Irwin, Jr.

Second Chancellor of IUPUI

Revered for his kindhearted nature, Dr. Glenn W. Irwin, Jr. was appointed IUPUI's second chancellor in 1973, and his lasting impact on IUPUI cannot be overstated.

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James Kendrick

James Kendrick

Stacks Manager, University Library

James Kendrick has been a fixture in IUPUI's University Library for more than 30 years.

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Alpha Blackburn.

Alpha Blackburn

President and CEO of Blackburn Architects, Inc., Friend of IUPUI

Alpha Blackburn is a tireless advocate for the arts and a champion for education at IUPUI and beyond.

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Nate Mugg

Nate Mugg

Alumnus, Class of 2006 and 2017

As Lead Creative Designer at the Multimedia Production Center, Nate Mugg uses his artistic talents to support student programs and organizations.

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Michael Stottlemyer.

Michael Stottlemyer

Senior, Paw's Pantry Chaiman and SAPB President

"You take care of yourself, you get yourself the bare necessities, but with everything else, you need to help other people."

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Taylor Rhodes

Taylor Rhodes

Alumna, Class of 2012 and 2018

"To me, community service is something you should do ... to make everyone great. To make yourself great, the whole community has to be great."

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Lacy Johnson

Lacy Johnson

Partner at Ice Miller LLP, Friend of IUPUI

Lacy Johnson exemplifies a spirit of service that far surpasses everyday expectations.

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Lorraine Blackman

Lorraine Blackman

Associate Professor Emerita, School of Social Work

Lorraine Blackman came to IUPUI in 1992 as a member of the largest cohort of African-American faculty in IUPUI history.

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Supriya Chittajallu

Supriya Chittajallu

Sophomore, IUPUI Regatta Arts and Culture Fair Coordinator

"I attended Regatta as a freshman, and it was the event that served as my 'a-ha' moment ... I officially became Jaguar."

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Linda Durr

Linda Durr

Administrative Assistant, Office of Planning and Institutional Improvement

Linda Durr has witnessed IUPUI's growth firsthand through more than 45 years.

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Priya Dave speaks at the podium during the 2018 IUPUI Top 100 celebration.

Priya Dave

Alumna, Class of 2018

"My time at IUPUI was transformational. The many opportunities I was afforded ... instilled in me lifelong passions and scholarly interests."

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Merlin Gonzales

Merlin Gonzales

Founder and President of Faith Hope and Love Community, Inc., Friend of IUPUI

Merlin Gonzales works with Paw's Pantry to fight food insecurity at IUPUI.

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Meghan Nowels

Meghan Nowels

Junior, President of The Moving Company at IUPUI

Meghan Nowels found her home at The Moving Company at IUPUI, where she can continue her passion for dance.

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Josh Skillman with the Indianapolis skyline behind him.

Josh Skillman

Associate Dean of Students and Director of Housing and Residence Life

Josh Skillman's job is to make students feel at home in their IUPUI housing.

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Kristi Palmer in the book stacks balancing a book on her head.

Kristi Palmer

Interim Dean of IUPUI University Library

"My favorite thing about IUPUI is our community connectedness. We've really embraced that at University Library."

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Rafael Sanchez

Rafael Sanchez

RTV6 Investigative Reporter, Friend of IUPUI

Rafael Sanchez loves giving back to the Indianapolis community — something he and IUPUI have in common.

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Etta Ward.

Etta Ward

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Development

Etta Ward doesn't call her IUPUI journey unique, but it is certainly a story of hard work and perseverance. 

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Will Smith

Will Smith

Senior, OTEAM leader

Will Smith embodies what it means for IUPUI to be a welcoming campus. As an OTEAM leader, Smith creates positive first impressions of IUPUI.

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David Nguyen speaks with race judges at the 2009 IUPUI Regatta.

David Nguyen

Alumnus, Class of 2006

Born to Vietnamese immigrant parents after they settled in Indianapolis, David Nguyen followed in his mother's footsteps when he chose IUPUI.

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Maynard K. Hine

Maynard K. Hine

First Chancellor of IUPUI

Well before he helped lead efforts to create an urban university called IUPUI, Dr. Maynard K. Hine was already helping his fellow Hoosiers.

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